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GCSE Physical Education

The Department offers the AQA GCSE Physical Education course. Further information relating to the course content may be found at


  • The course is 60% practical assessment in four activities.
  • 40% theory assessed by a two hour written examination.
  • Students are also required to plan, implement and evaluate a training programme for one activity.


Course content

  • Students undertake a 60min theory lesson once a week. The syllabus is divided into three main sections,  all of which relate directly to sport and physical education.
  • Health related fitness - Anatomy, cardiovascular, respiratory, skeletal and muscular systems. Diet and nutrition.
  • Principles of training -  fitness testing, training methods, principles of training, effects of training on the bodies systems
  • Factors affecting performance - Issues related to factors affecting the levels of participation in sports, sports organisations, national and international governing bodies, major sporting events, the history of the Olympics, sponsorship, media, technology, sport in schools and the community, sporting injuries, safety and sports psychology.



  • Students are assessed in a range of different activities during Year 10 and 11. The activities in which candidates score the highest marks are then submitted to the examination board. The practical assessment is divided into four components:
  • Area A - Performance of individual skills
  • Area B - Performance of skills in a game situation
  • Area C - Knowledge and application of rules
  • Area D - Analysis and improvement in performance 
  • Area E - Adopting a different role within two activities (Coach, leader, referee,  umpire)



  • Students plan and implement a five week training programme to improve their fitness and performance in one activity. Students apply their knowledge of training methods and fitness testing to design an effective training programme. This written coursework is assessed internally and is externally moderated.


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