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Mathematics Challenge

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A Level

Senior Challenge (age 16 – 19) Tuesday 8th Nov 2005
Intermediate Challenge (age 14 – 16) Thursday 2nd Feb 2006
Junior Challenge (age 11 – 13) Thursday 27th April 2006

In association with the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust and the School of Mathematics at the University of Leeds, we are pleased to enter our students for the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Mathematical Challenges.

These are challenging and rewarding and consist of 25 multiple choice questions solving interesting problems that challenge a student to think, not to guess.

They are invigilated as proper examinations and the answer sheets are sent off to the University to be marked.

Students are given 1 hour to answer the questions and calculators and measuring instruments are forbidden although they are allowed rough paper.

The questions are graded so that they get harder and the marks awarded get higher as well (but to complicate things further, they also lose marks for incorrect answers with the last 10 questions!).

Successful students are awarded with a certificate at Bronze, Silver or Gold level. If a student is over a certain mark they are invited to take part in the UK Junior Mathematical Olympiad which involves a written paper requiring full solutions to problems.

Junior Mathematical Challenge (Year 8 or below):

We enter all of our year 8 students and a selected number of year 7 students for the Junior Challenge.

Successful students are awarded with a certificate at Bronze, Silver or Gold level. If a student is over a certain mark they are invited to take part in the UK Junior Mathematical Olympiad which involves a written paper requiring full solutions to problems.

Example questions:

1. What is the remainder when 2 400 040 002 is divided by 5?

A 0 B 1 C 2 D 3 E 4

2. At the first World Worm-Charming Championship, held at Wollaston, Cheshire in July 1980, Tom Shufflebottom charmed a record 510 worms out of his 3m x 3m patch in 30 minutes. If the worms, of average length 20cm, stopped wriggling and were laid out end to end round the edge of his patch, approximately how many times round would they stretch?

A 8.5 B 9 C 20 D 30 E 510

View the Solutions

Junior Mathematical Challenge Results - April 2005

Well done to year 7 and 8 on an even better performance in the challenge than last year!!

Best in School: Philippa Gaunt and Michael Godfrey

Year 8 results


Philippa Gaunt* Michael Godfrey* Yajur Shah*
Lewis Bartlett Joel Stead Emily Wright
Aparna Gosh Thomas Tattersfield Samuel Graham
Nyomi Tordoff Luke Union Catherine Tyldsley
Fatima Zafar Kimberley Lo David Lukic
Ashley Roberts Lewis Smith Emma Ellwood
Sophie Deller Oliver Sharp Lauren Pickles
Victoria Ellis Sarah Lane Eltaeb Mohamedsharif
Louis Emmerson Nicola Harris Ben Johnson
Sam Parkinson James Pearson Tom Addy
Rebecca Clapham Danielle Bunting Gregory Hinchliffe
James O’Neill Omar Asmar Faheemah Bala
David Bolt Sam Croft Robert Johnson
Mathew Spence    


Lucy Baines Bunty Jenkins Sam Tootill
Sam Tootill Liam Webster James Craig
Fern Gardner Peter Jenkins Nathan Fletcher
Sarah Worsnup Kristian Nalson Aaminah Suleman
Kyle Waters Hannah Grosvenor Mitchell Norman
Bryony Dawkins Louis Gacquin Sophie Hetherington
Frances Lightowler Michael Lumb Tasham Mahmood
Mohammed Musa Sian Wormald Alicia Clifford
Holly Dunne Joseph Knowles Kierian Haden
Michael Hargeaves Adam Karolia Thomas Walker
Emma Hutchinson Adam Lee Izabel Simmonds
Hannah Thornton Vikram Nagarajan Joseph Saville
James Abbott Junaid Arif Emily Bainton
Jordan Binns Daanyaal Pandod Rosie Tootell


Rebecca Fawcett James Gaunt Matthew Bailey
Heather Clarke Imogen Covell Carys Ervine
Charlotte Austin Sam Lowrey Rabiya Ali
Umar Patel Alice Gledhill Nicholas Grieg
Mohammed Pandor Louise Jones Becky Kennington
Aqif Khan Kiran Tatla Laura Dewhirst
Rebecca Haley Frances Murray Sameer Shabir
Daniel Cheetham James Knight Sayjel Patel
Katie Woodward Helena Bullivant Harneet Cheema
Olivia Jeffery Rashid Mahmood Oliver O’Donnell
Lily Jo Osborne Rose Pearce Leanne Pollard
Chloe Alvin Kyle Hinchliffe Emma Langley
Liam Manning Jordan Vernon  

Year 7 results


James Wilkinson Josie Smith Robert Torch
John Tarrant Annie Smith Susana Lukic
Matthew Scales    


Adam Chopdat Melissa Hirst Ryan Haden
William Flesher Natasha North Sophie Shields
Greg Harris Rebecca Stead  


Burhan Khalid Katie Sturland Abhishek Gairola
Shaun Webster Aadil Patel George Gledhill

* Indicates Junior Mathematical Olympiad qualifiers

Junior Mathematical Olympiad 2005

Being in the top one thousand in the country out of 250 000 who took part in the Junior Mathematical Challenge is some achievement. So even by just being invited to take part in the Junior Mathematical Olympiad as were Philippa Gaunt, Michael Godfrey and Yajur Shah, you are a very talented mathematician.

The Olympiad is challenging and the students were required to write out full written solutions to each of 6 questions. Marks were awarded not just for the answer but for a correct solution containing no gaps or flaws in the explanation.

Michael Godfrey and Yajur Shah both managed to write full, mathematically accurate solutions to two of the questions and both received distinctions putting them in the top 25% of those who took part. But even better, Yajur managed to partially answer another two questions which means that he has been awarded a bronze medal.

Well done to Philippa, Michael and Yajur- and excellent achievement!!

Intermediate Mathematical Challenge

We enter all of year 10 and a number of year 9 students in the top set.

Students are awarded with a bronze, silver or gold certificate.

Successful students if year 10 who get over a certain mark are invited to take part in the International Intermediate Invitational Mathematics Challenge with participants from all over the world taking part.

Succsessful students in year 9 who get over a certain mark are invited to take part in the European Kangaroo Challenge.

Example questions from Intermediate Maths Challenge:

1. The pattern 123451234512345… is continued to form a 2000-digit number. What is the sum of all 2000 digits?

A 6000 B 7500 C 30 000 D 60 000 E 75 000

2. Jasmine spends exactly $120 on three types of plants: poisoned ivy plants cost $2 each, deadly nightshade plants cost $9 each and triffids cost $12 each. She buys twenty plants in total, including at least one of each type. How many triffids did she buy?

A 1 B 2 C 3 D 4 E more information needed

View The Solutions

Intermediate Mathematical Challenge 2005

Congratulations year 10 and year 9 on an excellent set of results. 188,000 students entered the competition and receiving a certificate is a real achievement. Scott Barnett Y10 and Andrew Lucas, Joseph Hargreaves and James Heptinstall of Y9 are among the top 400 in the country in their year group and are invited to take part in the Olympiad paper. Shafiq Pandor, Tom Ridley, Andrew Burton, Isaac Jackson, Timothy Dhir and Josh Cole are among the top 1000 in the country and are invited to take part in the Kangaroo paper.

Year 10

Best in School: Scott Barnett


Scott Barnett 92 Shafiq Pandor 84 Tom Ridley 78
Andrew Burton 77 Isaac Jackson 76 Timothy Dhir 75
Josh Cole 73 Joanne Clarke 70 Emma New 68
Rory Mills 67 Joe Beaumont 66 Thomas Hardy 66
Emily Kaye 66 Niall Oddy 66 Lisa Wagstaff 66
Rohan Goel 65    


Humzah Dar 64 Laura Heap 61 Tom Johnson 61
Joseph Prescott 61 Thomas Somers 61 Thomas Illingworth 59
Tom Bentley 58 Joe Bull 57 Stephen Duffy 56
Irfan Khalid 56 Rikesh Patel 56 Rebecca Stretton 56
Ailie Fan 55 Helen Lee 55 Laura Ashton 54
Jake Thornton 53 Kiri Anderson 52 Jack Birkinshaw 52
Aimee Hogan 52 Daniel Bailey 51 Jessie Bains 51
April Cashin Garbutt 51 Charlotte Hirst 51 Lucy Kirk 51
Rayhaan Mughal 51 Divya Nagarajan 51 Ele Chan 50
Kate Hutchinson 50 Annabelle Mumby 50 Chloe Patchett 50
Abby Scholey 50    


Stephen Smith 49 James Tootill 48 Keeley Dewhirst 46
Cathy Gordon 46 Marcus Horsley 46 Chris Scott 46
Jamie Shiel 46 Lee Bennett 45 Hassan Daji 43
William Slack 43 Jemma Slade 43 Mark Smith 42
Richard Newsome 41 Adam Stephenson 41 Jenny Armstead 40
Laura Chapman 40 Charlotte Gomersall 40 Kirsty Green 40
Mohammed Majid 40 Rebecca Mitchell 40 Jonathan Reed 40
Alexa Turnpenny 40 Jordanne Vine 40 Sam Wickham 40
Tristram Young Blakelock 40    

Year 9


Andrew Lucas 86 Joseph Hargreaves 82 James Heptinstall 77


Sarah Burgess 56 Chris Thornton 54 Peter Gatenby 51
Kimberly Wright 51    


Katie Hornby 48 Tim Martin 48 Carl O’Byrne 48
Samir Asmar 47 Vicki Lawrence 45 Matthew Thompson 45
Matthew Milner 44 Helen Burgess 43 Joe Crowther 43
David Heywood 41 Adam Jones 41  

Well done to all involved!!!

Mathematics Team Challenge
National Final
Monday 27th June 2005

The event was at The Guildhall, London, so the team had to meet at 7am to catch a train to London. Eventually the Yorkshire Maths Team Challenge Champions reached the venue after a few detours with some of the other teams following our directions. At this point Michael Godfrey wanted to eliminate some of the opposition, but we persuaded him otherwise. On arrival the tried to scoff as many biscuits as possible down their throats, as they were free!!

The Poster Competition was first up for the team, but this did not count towards the final standings of the team challenge. The poster was designed around dissections of geometrical shapes in order to produce another geometrical shape.

The first round was a Group Circus, were the teams completed a decathlon. We performed well in this event scoring 57 out of 60.

The second round involved completing a cross number puzzle. As difficult as it was, the team were not helped by the organisation as the answer sheet was different from the question sheet. Despite this the team went on to post an excellent result of 71 out of 76. After 2 events we were in the top 5 schools.

The Head to Head round was difficult. It involved 2 teams stood next to each other in a face off. They had to find the missing link between a set of numbers and correctly guess the answer. This was a particularly difficult round but the team themselves were disappointed with a score of 22 out of a possible 40.

The final round of the Relay Race was absolute pandemonium with the teams charging around the hall in an attempt to complete the 30 challenging questions in 30 minutes. After a bit of organising the teams were off!!!! Chaos was the order of the day for the next half hour, but the team did really well scoring 54 out of 60.

Despite not coming in the top 3 schools, the team, made up of Andrew Lucas, James Heptinstall, Michael Godfrey and Joel Stead, did themselves, the school and Yorkshire proud. The day was rounded off by a McDonalds and a tiring journey back to the sunny county of Yorkshire.


www.mathcomp.leeds.ac.uk (The official site of the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust, organisers of the maths challenges- try some questions!)

www.nrich.maths.org.uk (The Online Maths club. Try the puzzles and enter competitions)

www.mathsnet.net (Contains some good puzzles and even lessons on some topics which would be useful for revision)

www.pass.maths.org.uk (More for higher education students but there are some interesting articles and puzzles)

www.schoolsnet.com (More for teachers than students but some revision material is useful)

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