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Joining Heckmondwike Grammar School

Entrance Examination

All pupils seeking entry into Year 7 must sit the school’s entrance examination. Prior registration of the intention to do so is essential.

It takes place on one Saturday morning in September of the school year prior to entry. The date can be found in the prospectus or by calling the school on 01924 402202.

All pupils taking the examination (typically 800+) are divided into groups of about 25. Each group is allocated to an individual classroom, supervised by a member of staff and two pupil mentors (from either Key Stage 4 or the Sixth Form) We hope that this makes the experience a little more personal and a little less intimidating than having all pupils in one huge examination hall.

The tests are conducted in the same day, interspersed with breaks.

Allocation of places

The school offers 180 places, via the local authority. All applicants will be notified whether they have achieved the required standard prior to the deadline for submission of the common application form to the local authority. This does not, however, constitute the offer of a place, as applications must be made via the local authority using the common application form. The deadline for submitting this to the LA is usually in October. Places will be offered by the LA in March.