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Learning Indicators

As part of our reporting process, we provide information on how well a student is engaging in the learning process. We do this using learning indicators. There are four learning indicators, as detailed below:

  1. Engagement with learning – how well a student performs in class; are they participating in class activities, whether they are working in pairs, groups or individually; how diligently is work recorded and to what degree the student is ‘thirsty for knowledge’
  2. Conduct – does the student behave well in class, are they following instructions and do they respect other people in the learning environment
  3. Homework – is homework (or extended learning) completed on time, to the best of the student’s ability at a level which is commensurate with the highest grade available for the particular piece of work 
  4. Independent learning – how much does the student take control of their own learning, for example in flipped learning activities, or in research opportunities? Do they respond to feedback opportunities without being prompted? How much do they explore beyond the content delivered by the teacher? 

These are judged based on how well a student adopts habits and behaviours which promote each of these learning attributes. The more examples of particular behaviours or habits that students demonstrate, the higher up the scale they are judged to be.

This scale is as follows:

**** excelling
*** secure
** developing
* emerging


The ‘developing’ score is the minimum level expected; anything higher than this shows a better approach to learning, with only a few students achieving the top score of ‘excelling’.

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