How to Make an Appeal - 2020 Entry

The window for registering an appeal has now closed however those who have registered an appeal can continue to provide any supporting evidence.


The panel will base its decision on the evidence you provide and on what you say at the appeal.

What kind of evidence might you collect?

Evidence from your child’s current school about current performance – which could include:

  • recent reports,
  • letters from class teachers or from their head teacher

Where relevant you should obtain any medical evidence which supports your case. Remember that it is your responsibility to collect any evidence that you think will support your case.

The Governing Body’s Admissions Sub-Committee will review all appeal cases on Tuesday 28 April 2020 to ensure that the admission procedures have been correctly followed. This is an informal process giving the governing body the opportunity to:

  • Review the procedures followed in the exam;
  • Review the procedures followed in offering places;
  • Review any written evidence provided by parents in support of their appeal;
  • Intercede if there has been any maladministration at the school;

If you wish to continue with your appeal then an appointment for the independent appeal panel to consider your appeal will be fixed and given to you. The Appeals will be held in the week beginning 15 June 2020. NB Unfortunately, due to the volume of appeals received, it is not normally possible to take into account any prior commitments of appellants in fixing the dates of hearings. You may provide additional evidence for the Independent Panel.

*While we plan to follow the appeal process as usual, there may be some slight changes amid the ongoing Covid-19 emergency. We will continue to update all appellants as and when necessary.

Appeal Registration Form (425kB)