Our Values

This describes the key principles that underpin what we do in terms of how we treat each other and the way we work.

We have talented students who are chosen at an early age via a selection test. However, this is just the start of the journey; and we have been focusing a great deal on research by Dweck and Duckworth around talent being just one piece of the triangle that makes for success. The other two are effort- hard work- and passion- enjoyment of, and engagement with, the work you do. Duckworth points out that ‘being the brightest does not always make for being the best’. She describes the quality that combines all three as ‘grit’- a mental toughness that does not give up.

As a result, we reformulated our values on this basis in late 2016. Taking on board student and staff feedback, we selected the following:

  • Generosity – Helping others who are less able to help themselves, showing kindness and working together in a spirit of partnership.
  • Resilience – We persevere at whatever we set our hand to, determined and confident that we will achieve the best outcomes.
  • Integrity – We trust in fairness, honesty and principles as our touchstone and ensure that all we do is in the interests of our whole community.
  • Tolerance – We pride ourselves on the diversity of our school and celebrate the wide range of cultures, experiences and backgrounds.