Esports Club

Esports is an exciting team activity proven to help improve social skills, behaviour and cognition, as well as leadership and communication skills.

Esports has links to computing education, STEM subjects and the development of digital skills. Skills can be transferred across into physical sports and schoolwork. We hope that by offering alternatives to traditional sports and clubs, those students who have great talents in other areas can still get the chance to shine and stand out.

Our school esports team, the Heckmondwike Hotshots, compete in regular competitions on both a local and national scale. See the current schedule on the British Esports Championships website.

Competition matches can be viewed live on our school club livestream here or on the official British Esports stream here.

Current Standings:

League of Legends: 4 – 1 (3 games remaining)

Rocket League 1: 1 – 4 (3 games remaining)

Rocket League 2: 0 – 5 (4 games remaining)

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