Monitoring Progress

We will closely monitor your progress during your time with us in the Sixth Form from both an academic and a pastoral point of view. Nothing is more important to us than your health and well-being, and we have a responsibility to look after you and provide support where necessary. Ultimately, you have chosen to join the Sixth Form because you want to be successful in your A levels, and monitoring your academic progress is an important part of the support we offer.


You will expect to be assessed regularly through both formal and informal means, and this assessment will be used by your teachers to generate Projected Attainment Grades (PAGs) at regular intervals throughout the year.  Your PAG is a prediction of the grade you are most likely to achieve at the end of you’re a levels if your current level of progress is maintained.  Each PAG is not a target or a guarantee!  The PAGs you receive at the end of the year will be used as the basis for generating your UCAS predicted grade should you decide to apply to go to university.

Target Grades

At the start of your studies you will be given a target grade determined by your GCSE scores and the perceived difficulty of the A level subjects you have chosen.  The school uses a system called ALIS to set these target grades.  They are not meant to put a limit on your aspiration, but provide us with a useful benchmark to assess how well you are doing in each subject relative to the potential predicted by your GCSE results.  We want you to aspire to achieve whatever you want to achieve, but first and foremost you should be aiming to make adequate progress towards meeting your target grade in each subject, and by monitoring your progress we can determine the best way to support you in achieving this.