Sixth Form Induction Period

The first few weeks of term

The Sixth Form Induction Period

You will receive a thorough induction into the sixth form throughout your first half term.  Your induction as a member of the HGS sixth form community begins as soon as you make your application, but begins in earnest once you confirm your place on results day in August.

There are 2 main aims of the induction period:

  • To introduce you to life in the 6th Form, for example:
      • The pastoral support available to you
      • Daily procedures
      • Rules and expectations
      • How to make the most of the extra-curricular opportunities available to you
  • To help you understand the skills you will need in each of your subjects. It is expected that most students will take the first half term to settle into their new surroundings and get used to what it takes to be successful at A level.

It is normal for most students to take the first half term to settle into their new surroundings and get used to what it takes to be successful at A level.

Whatever your background or previous achievements, studying A levels is going to present you with a greater challenge than you faced when studying for your GCSEs.  Most of your teachers teach both at A level and GCSE, and therefore have an excellent understanding of what help and support you will need to make the transition.  Your early lessons will have a particular focus on settling you into the demands of A levels, but be prepared for the hard work to begin right from the off!  As always, it is vital that you start as you mean to go on.

Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, there can be no denying that your preparations for beginning A levels have been less than ideal, especially since you didn’t have to sit any of your external exams, and you may have had limited experience of what it is like to prepare for examinations across multiple subjects.  We are very mindful of this fact, and we will be making sure that you receive all the help and support you need to develop the right mindset and skills for success in your A levels.

To help you build a firm foundation for the start of the new academic year, all subjects have put together induction materials, which you can access via the tabs on this page.

The academic year 2021/2022 will begin for you on Tuesday September 7th when you will be introduced to your Form Tutor and the rest of your Form.

We will be in contact with more details in terms of what time to arrive as well as the plan for the rest of the week. You will have 2 timetabled morning sessions with your tutor each week.  It is their role to be your first point of contact if you have any pastoral or academic issues, and they will deliver a large proportion of the induction programme.

On behalf of all the Sixth Form Team and the whole HGS community, we look forward to welcoming you properly really soon.  If you have any questions, feel free to email Mr Ellis at