The Induction Period

Starting life in the Sixth Form

When you start in September, you will undergo an induction into to the Sixth Form. There are 2 main aims of the induction period:

To introduce you to life in the 6th Form, for example:

  • The pastoral support available to you
  • Daily procedures
  • Rules and expectations
  • How to make the most of the extra-curricular opportunities available to you

To help you understand the skills you will need in each of your subjects, and to start developing them. It is expected that most students will take the first half term to fully settle into their new surroundings and the expectations that come with studying a levels. To help you do this, the first 2 weeks of lessons in all subjects will have a focus on developing subject specialist skills, rather than jumping straight into covering examined content. Whilst you will be encouraged and directed to engage in independent learning in this first 2 weeks, there will be no formal homework set. In each subject there will be an assignment or project to complete, which will be submitted at the end for the 2nd week of term.
In addition to this subject induction, much of the time you have with your form tutor and assemblies for the first half term will be given over to helping you develop the general studentship skills and core values that you will need for everything you do over your 2 years with us.

The First few days

  • Day 1: All Year 12 students will arrive at school for 8.30am and assemble in the Sports Hall. From here you will be assigned to your form groups and be introduced to your new form tutor. You will spend the whole day being inducted into all the essential procedures that you will need right from the start. You will receive your new timetables. You will also partake in a range of activities designed to help you get to know the rest of your form and your tutor.
  • Day 2: The whole school will be in on this day, and will be engaged in a charity based (subject to confirmation) activity. The aim of this day is for you continue to get to know other members of your form, and to work collaboratively to achieve a common goal. You will begin to develop the skills and core values of a successful student at HGS Sixth Form.
  • Day 3: Your lessons will begin.