Exams 2020 – Guidance for Y11 and Y13 Students

Why are we asking you to work now for summer exams which have been cancelled?

We understand why you might feel that continuing to work towards exams that have been cancelled is pointless, but we would not be asking you to keep working if we did not think it was in your best interests. Please be reassured that as soon as we feel there is no further benefit for you, we will stop setting tasks.

We don’t yet know the detail of what the government will be asking us to provide by way of assessment data, but we do know we will be asked to provide an estimated grade for you, and that grade will then be used to calculate your final grade. We do not yet know how this calculation will work and you may decide that you wish to appeal your grade. We understand that this will involve an exam in September and so it is important that you have covered all the subject content to prepare for this situation. We are not expecting a formal assessment by teachers of the work you are doing now, this work is simply being done to prepare you as best as we can in the event of you choosing to sit an exam in September, because you have appealed your grade.

Coursework which has been completed is likely to be an important component of the grade we submit to the government. With respect to coursework which you are still working on, please take guidance from your subject teacher, which will be evident in the work they are setting at the moment.

We do understand that some of you may be finding it very difficult to complete work at times due to responsibilities at home or difficulties with computer access, and that at some point you may not be able to complete work due to illness. If you are in this situation, please either contact your teachers directly and explain the issues to allow them to help you to prioritise tasks, or contact your SSM who can inform your teachers and help you to work out a plan.

A Level Results 2020 FAQ’s