Anti-Bullying Policy

Bullying is always taken seriously and students regularly advise us that they believe in the effectiveness of our responses to any reported incidents.

We aim to provide each student with a safe learning environment in which they can be successful learners and reach their potential academically, socially, physically and emotionally. We believe that every person has the right to feel comfortable, secure and accepted as an individual and not be subjected to behaviour that makes him or her feel distressed, intimidated or ill at ease.

Our policy reflects our commitment to reduce bullying and enhance learners’ opportunities in our school.

If you think you are being made to feel uncomfortable in any way do not hesitate to talk in confidence to your student support manager, form tutor or to any other member of staff.  If you see/hear bullying please report it to a member of staff.

If as a parent you feel that your child is being bullied at school please contact his/her form teacher in the first instance.  The school has a behaviour policy, treats such occurrences seriously and will take appropriate steps to deal with the matter.