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Staff may also refer students to the careers team if they think that a student would benefit from an individual guidance interview. To refer please just email [email protected] with the name and form of the student and a brief reason for the referral. Reasons for referrals could include, for example if a student is unsure of his or her next steps after school or if a student would benefit from exploring a wide range of career options to increase motivation or if a student requires support with employment, apprenticeship or university interview preparation.

There are a wide range of resources available for staff, to enhance students learning and help link the curriculum to careers education. Subject staff can speak to the careers team about promoting skills, careers and education options within their subject at any time. We also have a range of different employer and university representatives available to come in and speak to students during lessons.

My Learning My Future

My Learning, My Future is a suite of Benchmark 4 resources to support subject teaching staff, from 27 subjects at KS3, KS4 & Post 16, to engage students in curriculum learning by highlighting the relevance of their subjects to future careers, opportunities and pathways.

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Get help to discuss education, careers and next steps with your students