The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a level 3 research based project qualification equal to half an A level. Students carry out independent research in order to produce a 5000 report or create an artefact such as a computer programme, musical composition or experiment.


The EPQ is an addition to the A level provision at year 12. It is an optional extra and there are a limited number of places. Students apply for a place on the programme through a formal application process and places are awarded based on enthusiasm, work ethic and demonstration of study skills.

Why opt for the EPQ?

  • Enhanced university application.
  • Many universities will make reduced grade offers to students who have successfully completed the EPQ
  • The EPQ is worth UCAS points
  • Development of skills needed for higher education
  • Higher level study skills that can be transferred to other A level subjects

What will it be like?

  • There will be a one hour lesson per week. Study skills will be delivered during this time
  • There will be time during the lessons to research and write the report
  • Students will have regular meetings with their supervisor who will guide them through the process
  • The programme runs from October to October each year.


Students will be assessed in the following areas:

  • Managing a research project
  • Use of resources
  • Developing an idea
  • Reviewing the process

The completed project will include:

  • A research based report or production of an artefact
  • The recording of progress and decision making in a production log
  • Creation of a source analysis table
  • Presenting the project findings to an audience of staff and peers