Our curriculum aims to provide a body of knowledge and skills and attitudes relevant to the particular range of ability within the school and to develop the capacity for using these in further education, work, leisure and social interaction in future life.

Implicit within these general aims is the following:


  • Pupils shall develop qualities of imagination and sensitivity;
  • Pupils should be adaptable in a changing world;
  • Pupils should be able to argue rationally and make reasoned judgements;
  • Pupils should develop enquiring minds, be able to learn for themselves and appreciate the importance of completing tasks;
  • Pupils should be able to develop an intelligent interest in the social, political and natural world;
  • Pupils should appreciate religious beliefs and spiritual values;
  • Pupils should appreciate the need for altruism and to care for others;
  • Pupils should learn to become independent and also to possess the capability to work in co-operation with others.

The curriculum shall offer the following areas of experience:

Aesthetic / creative:

  • Ethical;
  • Linguistic;
  • Mathematical;
  • Scientific;
  • Spiritual;
  • Social / political / economic;
  • Physical.

Within these areas of experience pupils will be encouraged to adopt the following values and attitudes:

Curiosity and enthusiasm:

  • Responsibility and self-discipline;
  • Independence in making moral judgements;
  • Sensitivity to the environment;
  • Sympathy with and an insight in to other cultures;
  • Intolerance of cruelty;
  • Perseverance in completing a task;
  • The capacity to come to a reasoned judgement;
  • The capacity to put one’s own interests second to those of others.


Please contact us for more information about the curriculum.