Our Vision and Ethos

Drawn up in consultation with staff, parents and students, our vision describes what we aim to achieve.

Encouraging curiosity, ensuring achievement

We aspire to be a school:


  • that ensures our well-rounded students are independent thinkers and learners, confident, happy, reflective and curiously questioning the world around them. They will be good communicators who are considerate and compassionate, resiliently demonstrating their skills by adapting and flexing to the situations they face.


  • where staff show many of the same features: reflective practitioners who are adaptable, positive, continual learners. They will enjoy joint working with others, their passion and enthusiasm for their areas of expertise shining through. Classrooms will resonate with the sound of active learning, using technology effectively; and teaching will be student-led, self-sufficient, engaging, collaborative and purposeful. Professional development and staff wellbeing will be priorities.

Pastoral Care

  • in which pastoral care will be consistent, supportive and relevant to the students, ensuring that appropriate provision is available for the individual. It will be focused on support for students’ mental health through various appropriate strategies, giving them the skills to look after their own wellbeing and to thrive in the midst of the challenges they face daily. This will include opportunities for parental education and input.


  • where the curriculum will be balanced, broad and deep, but focused on quality over quantity with an emphasis on core subjects and on skills, particularly those that are cross-curricular: how to learn, preparing for life beyond school (e.g. finance) and communication. Independence and creativity will be a core part of this; while our provision is also tailored to meet the needs of individuals. Choice will be a central focus, along with enhancing the opportunities to make constructive use of technology centred on learning.

Facilities and Technology

  • that develops its facilities further, with additional space taking precedence and improvement of current specialist provision being near the top of the list. Personal devices will also be used on a regular basis, whenever suitable and appropriate. Technology will be updated regularly, used effectively across the school, and will be compatible with other systems. The environment will be bright, engaging and welcoming.


  • where enrichment will take students well beyond the curriculum, with extensive field trips and a full programme of activities that are relevant and serve others- particularly our own local and wider community through volunteering, charity and enterprise work. A wide range of staff and student-run clubs will offer opportunities beyond taught lessons; team-building, and sports/music in particular, will be emphasised throughout.