The Headteacher welcomes you to Heckmondwike Grammar School

The 'Hecky Way' (2Mb)

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Heckmondwike Grammar School. We have a very strong reputation in the local area, regionally and even nationally as a school which does all it can to support students in achieving the highest grades and progressing to the best possible destinations.

The ‘Hecky Way’ is that every child does matter and we work hard to ensure that no student is left behind. Our strategy involves a safety net made up of a combination of Subject and Faculty Leaders working with classroom teachers to maximise progress; alongside Student Support Managers and Key Stage Assistant Headteachers working with form tutors to ensure students’ wellbeing. Obviously, contact with parents and carers are a key element of this to present a coherent and united approach to our theme of ‘encouraging curiosity, ensuring achievement’. Alongside the motto of ‘Nil Sine Labore’- nothing without work- this creates a very positive ethos that enables us all to perform to the highest possible standard.

Not only do we encourage independent learning amongst our students as part of this approach; we also demonstrate it practically ourselves as an organisation. We were one of the very first outstanding schools nationally to open as an Academy on 1st September 2010. We believe that the greater independence this provides allows us to go even further in realising our aim of providing first class, best practice education for all.

For every young person to achieve their full potential there needs to be a supportive, positive and well-ordered environment in which to work: at Heckmondwike Grammar School, we are able to provide this and, as a result, ensure that our students have the very best chance of achieving success in all aspects of school life. We want all of the children who come to the school to enjoy their school days and to become thoughtful, articulate, confident and responsible members of society. Our programmes of teaching, and the wide range of extra-curricular opportunities we offer, are directed to this end.

We are very grateful for the support- and challenge- we receive from parents and governors as part of the partnership that ensures our students’ high progression rates out of our sixth form and into their chosen destinations (in many ways, the ultimate measure of our success), and we look forward to your support in continuing to achieve this.