House System

The House system is an important part of school life.

All members of the school, both staff and students, are allocated to one of the four houses; Bronte, Clarke, Houldsworth and Priestley. Houses have regular meetings which staff and students participate in.

At the conclusion of a series of more than thirty inter-house fixtures throughout the year in fifteen different disciplines, the Lees Cup is awarded to the house securing the most points throughout the year.

This competition provides the opportunity to engage in the extra-curricular life of the school at a level which is accessible to all students through a wide range of sporting events including swimming, football, hockey, rugby, netball, rounders, cricket and athletics or through contests in drama, music, spelling, debating, chess and the maths challenge. The positives accrued by students throughout the school year are also added up by house affiliation to contribute to the competition.

The organisation of events are delegated to students at all levels, allowing them to develop leadership skills and to take on increasing levels of responsibility as they progress through the school, sustaining the friendly but competitive rivalry underpinning the house system. This also promotes collaboration between students in different year groups across the school, including the sixth form.

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