Clarke House

The House system was introduced in 1906 and Clarke was one of the first five houses to be created. Clarke House is named after Walter E. Clarke, the Chairman of the School of Governors at the creation of the House System. Mr Clarke held the position for 24 years (1899- 1923). He supported the School in many ways and was closely associated with the first Headmaster of the School, Mr R.S. Cahill. Together they worked very hard to develop and establish the School in the early years to ensure its success and reputation.

Clarke believes in an inclusive approach to the house system and encourages all members to represent the house in events scheduled throughout the year. The foundation of Clarke was embedded within a vision of new direction and leadership, and as such, forms the philosophy the house carries today. Clarke’s mission statement is to “Make positive change through action and leadership” to contribute to, support and enrich the wider ethos of Heckmondwike Grammar School.

Heads of House – Clarke

Mr Ellis
Mrs Goulding