Priestley House

“Team work makes the dream work” is the motto of Priestley House and it is one which has stood us in good stead in recent years, as we have come first or second in the Lees cup for the past 7 years. Strengths for our house are Sports Day, Swimming, and House Music – where the whole house contributes by singing – and we win the whole house choir class regularly!

Priestley House was named after famous Batley scientist, Joseph Priestley. Born in 1733, his famous achievements were the identification of oxygen, investigated the uses of electricity –and even invented the bubbles in fizzy pop! His statue can be seen in Birstall town centre – and it is his sense of intellectual curiosity and bubbly fun we aim to emulate. What makes Priestley House distinctive is our supportive and positive outlook, our great volunteering spirit and our sense of fun.

Heads of House – Priestley
Mr Keenleyside
Mrs Bell