Sixth Form Life

Most students in the Sixth form will study 3 A Level subjects, with most subjects allocated 10 periods per cycle. Some students may opt to study a 4th A Level. The offer of 4 A-Levels is most commonly for students wishing to study Further Maths, but other combinations are considered on a case by case basis.

Students will see their tutor every day in registration. This time is used for one to one discussions with students as well as allowing students to develop wider skills. There is also a weekly skills session which prepares students for life in modern Britain. Topics covered in skills range from how to manage stress to eating healthily on a budget. The programme was designed with student input to ensure students are prepared for life after Sixth form.

Throughout their time in the Sixth form, students have access to an excellent careers and progression programme which ensures informed decision making for the next steps. Most of our students progress into higher education, and the support given to students in preparing their applications is first class.