Work Experience Programme

The careers team strive to provide students with experiences that will help them explore their options for the future and opportunities to experience the world of work. This is why all students in year 10 and year 12 will take part in a weeklong work placement in April 2024.

Work experience is intended to help your child develop a greater appreciation of employment issues and experience the world of work, whilst at the same time providing them with an opportunity to build self-confidence and reflect on their own skills. We have designed the programme to give students a similar experience to the real world of work and it will complement careers activities that students already complete in school such as their mock interview practice.

When organising work experience, try to be realistic. Students are unlikely to be allowed access into the head office of a national organisation with no prior experience. Look for local businesses or people with whom you already have a connection – like the parent/carer of a fellow pupil, a family member, a friend, etc.

If you do n have any contacts, or are not sure where to start, speak to a member of the careers team in B013.

Following on from the success of last year, below is a list of businesses who have agreed to take students again on placement this academic year. Please note that although these businesses have agreed to host a placement again, it is still the responsibility of the student to make contact and confirm a placement before adding anything to Unifrog. If you need further help or advice, please contact us via email: [email protected]

HGS Work Placement Ideas – April 2024
Parent & Student Work Experience Booklet - Year 10 (1Mb) Parent & Student Work Experience Booklet - Year 12 (937kB)