GCSE Drama offers students the opportunity to practically explore performance texts and devised theatre. Not only will you explore and study published plays, you will also have the chance to create a completely original piece of theatre for a target audience. GCSE Drama will extend your performance skills, as well as developing your ability to critically analyse and evaluate live theatre and to textually analyse and explore both classical and contemporary texts. In addition, you will develop important wider skills such as verbal and written communication, interpersonal skills, problem-solving, creativity and resilience.


What will it be like?

This course is open to all pupils who have a genuine passion and commitment to drama and theatre.

During Year 9, you will focus on developing the core skills needed for GCSE. This will include creating and performing devised pieces of theatre, developing vocal, physical and characterisation skills and an introduction to our set text; The Crucible. You will study Drama as a performer, director and designer in order to prepare you for GCSE study.

During Year 10 and 11 you will learn and develop the appropriate skills used in creating, performing and evaluating drama.

The Autumn term in Year 10 will include a mock devising brief, which will consist of creating both a performance and completing a portfolio.

In the first half of spring term, students will revisit ‘The Crucible’ by Arthur Miller as their set text. The text will be studied from the point of view of a performer, director and designer.

From February until June, students will focus on Component 1: Devising. They will respond to a range of stimuli and then create an original, innovative performance for a specific target audience, in addition to creating their portfolio to document and reflect on their process and performance.

In Year 11, students will complete Component 2: Performance from Text, which will involve 2 performances to an external examiner. They will also prepare for Component 3, which will include revision of The Crucible and Live Theatre.


Component 1: Devising (40% of the qualification)

  • You will create, develop and perform a devised piece from a stimulus (15 marks).
  • You will produce a portfolio to evidence your creating process. This can be written / typed evidence up to 2000 words OR recorded evidence between 8-10 minutes (45 marks).
  • This unit is a combination of practical and written.

Component 2: Performance from Text (20% of the qualification)

  • You will perform in two key extracts from a performance text to an external examiner.
  • This unit is entirely practical with the exception of a 200 word written intention for both extracts performed.

Component 3: Theatre Makers in Practice (40% of the qualification)

  • You will practically explore and study The Crucible by Arthur Miller in preparation for your written examination.
  • Section A of the exam consists of six questions about one extract from the chosen text.
  • Section B consists of two questions evaluating a live theatre performance you have seen.
  • The exam in 1 hour 30 minutes and takes place at the end of Year 11.