Cancellation of Year 8 Malham Trip

It is with great regret that we inform you that we have been forced to cancel our Biology/Geography visits to Malham Cove with Year 8 on Monday 25 June for forms 8AHH, 8KMB and 8NJS and Tuesday 26 June for forms 8RGF, 8RLP and 8SJL. 

 This is as a result of extensive roadworks carried out by North Yorkshire County Council in the vicinity of Malham which have made the area of Malham Cove inaccessible to coaches. The diversions put in place locally are not appropriate for coaches and we are unable to transport significant numbers of students to the visit by any other means. Though these measures were advertised locally, we have only just become aware of them. 

 As you know, we value educational visits immensely and we do realise that the students and staff who were looking forward to these visits will be very disappointed, but there is no means of rearranging the visits at this stage. As a result, the week commencing 25th June will now be a normal school week for Year 8. 

 Further communication will follow relating to financial reimbursement of parental contributions paid for the visit.