HGS Students Take the Biscuit

As part of the Year 9 Food Preparation and Nutrition trip to Fox’s Biscuits a couple of weeks ago, our pupils were asked to come up with ideas for new biscuits.  Fox’s expert product development team voted on these.
The winning biscuit flavours were Lemon, Lime and White chocolate (Ella Webb and Ananya Chinchalkar) and Marshmallow, Cream and Chocolate (Lujaine Housari).  Fox’s Biscuits development bakery kindly made up these winning products and Molly, Fox’s Senior Developer, brought these into school and presented them to the winning pupils.  We are so excited to see the new products made up and we are very grateful to Fox’s for this opportunity and to make links between our curriculum and future possible careers. Well done to all.
Keep your eyes peeled for these new products on the shelves in the future. They may have been pitched with some of the large retailers!

Lemon, Lime and White Chocolate – biscuit filled with a lemon and lime cream, smothered in white chocolate with a yellow chocolate piped decoration.

The Marshmallow, Cream and Chocolate biscuit description is a biscuit with chocolate cream with a marshmallow centre.