Royal Society of Chemistry Olympiad 2024

The RSC chemistry Olympiad exam was undertaken by our chemists again this year, this exam is for the more able chemistry students in year 13, however this year it was opened up to promising year 12 students who wanted to enter too. This is a very demanding Chemistry exam which takes curriculum content a step further and looks at real world examples and scientific problems. Due to time constraints this year the students haven’t had as much time to prepare so the results are a testament to their ability!

25 students: 5 x year 13 student and 20 x year 12 A-level chemistry students attended the Royal Society of Chemistry Olympiad exam that took place on Thursday 25th January 2024 within school led by Mrs Noble.

All of the students will be awarded a certificate with a significant number achieving silver and gold awards.  The exam this year was out of 82 and to achieve a bronze this year the candidates required a score of 10 for bronze, 18 for silver and 30 for gold.

Overall there were 6 gold certificates, 11 silver certificates, 5 bronze certificates and 3 participation certificates. These are amazing results particularly for our year 12 students who haven’t yet been taught a lot of the course content required for the Olympiad exam. A special mention also has to go to Ayan Gupta one of our very talented year 12 students who doesn’t actually study A Level Chemistry and was able to achieve a gold certificate and a particularly high score.