Students Grab a Grand in Uni Economics Competition

On 20th November, me and eleven others competed in a economics competition in Hull. Firstly we had a lecture where we learnt about the online technology and economic theory we were going to use. It was useful to learn this new information which gave us a better insight into Economics which went above and beyond our A-level course. Also it gave us a feel of a university lecture and the content we learnt was part of Hull University’s Economics degree. Also being able to use our current knowledge and apply it to the online technology and real life data.

After this we were given a set of scenarios to solve where we had to use the information we were taught. The task given was based on two countries of your choice and trying to find the relationships between two economic variables such as unemployment and inflation and how closely linked they were in different countries. This was then assessed by the lecturer who ranked each team on how they well they performed these tasks. My team including Nikolos Sanadze, Tyler Webb and Amna Ali were awarded first place which earned the school a £1000 cheque.

Jack Bloxsome – Head Boy  – Year 13