World Challenge Ambassador














Having spent two years fundraising, planning and preparing for an expedition to Sri Lanka, and spending an incredible two and a half weeks travelling through the country, I really didn’t want to stop working with World Challenge. The time building up to expedition was amazing, with fundraising balls, Mirfield show and the bonfire helping all 18 of us reach the money goal, so ending all that after a whirlwind in Sri Lanka seemed so disappointing. The best thing about the company, obviously aside from the opportunity to travel the world, is the positive, inclusive attitude of everyone working there, and that is something I have felt since becoming an ambassador.

Being an ambassador for World Challenge basically involves presenting and talking about my expedition in different schools whose expedition planning is just beginning (I think my family are thankful for it mainly because they’ve had enough of hearing about Sri Lanka!). I work with Sally and Suzy (school account managers for World Challenge) and present with them in schools across the North of England meaning I am able to meet so many new challengers and teachers who are excited about their expedition. The World Challenge Summits have also provided a chance to chat to teachers and leaders about my experience and their destinations. Being one of 15 CATs (challenger ambassador team) across the country, I have been able to meet yet more likeminded people when down at the main offices in High Wycombe: a long way, but definitely worth it.

The way I became an ambassador, and got onto World Challenge originally, was by taking the opportunity, despite not really knowing what I was letting myself in for! The whole process of applying, being interviewed, travelling across the country and presenting in front of students, parents and teachers has been so enjoyable and meant I have become more confident and comfortable, talking about something I am so passionate about. I hope the relationship I have with World Challenge will continue after my ambassador time is over, and if not, it has encouraged me even more to travel as much as I can. The chance to do World Challenge at school really started this off for me and I would say it was the best opportunity I got from Heckmondwike Grammar. So grab it when it comes around!

Bronwen Brown – Head Girl