Keeping my details up to date

As a school, it is vital that we hold the most up to date details for our parents. This is in order for us to keep you updated, for example to send you school letters via email or telephone you in an emergency.

To keep your details up to date with us, we have an App that you are able to download to your mobile phone. The App allows you to see the details that we hold for you, and importantly to confirm that they are correct or tell us about anything that isn’t.

We would like a 100% rate of parents using the App, so that we know all of our information is correct.

I have never used the app before

Please check your email account for an email from [email protected], with an invitation code. If you do not have an email with an invitation code, please email [email protected] with your child’s name and form and we will resend it.

Click the link in the email, then follow the instructions on the screen to register for the Parent App. You will need to choose a service to use to login, such as Google, Microsoft, Twitter, etc. and you will then need to enter the invitation code from the email.

More information is available in the Getting Started Guide, click here.

I have registered for the app

You should search for the ‘SIMS Parent’ App on your device’s App Store and download it, then sign in. Once you have signed in to the App, click Data Collection. You should then check all your details and update anything as necessary. Once you have finished, click ‘Finish Changes’ to submit the form to us. You must do this, even if you haven’t changed anything.

We hope that you understand the importance of keeping your details up to date, however if you experience any problems in using the App please try the troubleshooting steps here: SIMS Parent Documentation – SIMS Parent for Parents Documentation Centre – Troubleshooting or email [email protected].

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to register for the app?

Yes, all parents should register and use the app.

  • Do I need to submit a data collection form even if my details haven’t changed?

Yes, the app allows you to view the details that we hold about you. Even if they are correct, you should still submit the data collection so that we know you have checked them.

  • What should I do if I am having problems registering or using the app?

First, please try the troubleshooting steps here: SIMS Parent Documentation – SIMS Parent for Parents Documentation Centre – Troubleshooting. If you still have problems, please email [email protected].