Students in Years 7 to 11 are expected to wear school uniform.  The uniform is very important as it constitutes a visible representation of the school and its values. Students are expected to wear the uniform smartly during the school day and on their way to and from school. All clothing and equipment brought to school must be clearly marked with the name of the student.

The purpose of the uniform is:

  • to promote a positive image of the school to students, parents and members of the public,
  • to maintain the traditions of the school thereby encouraging a sense of identity and pride in our students,
  • to provide smart, attractive, cost effective and hard wearing clothing suitable for all seasons,
  • to help maintain a disciplined and safe learning environment free from distraction

School Uniform

  • School blazer
  • Regular fit, tailored school uniform trouser – charcoal grey or plain black.
  • Pleated or plain brown skirt (length on or below the knee)
  • White stiff collared shirt (long enough to tuck in) buttoned to the neck, long or short sleeved (no capped sleeves).
  • School tie in brown and gold stripe with house colour badge
  • Grey school pullover (optional)
  • Short grey or black socks (not trainer socks) or plain tights (black, brown or beige – 40 denier or more)
  • Sensible plain black leather ‘school / formal’ shoes with flat heels. (high heels, boots, trainers and canvas shoes are not allowed)
  • Headscarves worn for religious reasons should be plain and in keeping with the uniform (in brown, black or dark grey material)

For Physical Education and Games

  • School shorts or school skirt
  • School polo shirt & school games shirt
  • School black tracksuit bottoms for winter (optional)
  • School football socks with house colour
  • Indoor and outdoor trainers for use both in Sports Hall School and on the MUGA.
  • Football boots (moulded studs or plastic blades)
  • School training jacket (optional)
  • Protective equipment: shin pads & gum shield Astroturf trainers
  • Towel for showers

Headscarves should be removed for PE and games or should be tight fitting or of balaclava style.

If you have any queries regarding the school uniform, please discuss this with school prior to purchasing. All property must be marked in full with owner’s name. Parents will be notified of any changes in writing.

Make-Up, Hair & Piercings

Students should not attend school with a hairstyle, which by virtue of its colour or style is designed to attract attention e.g. sculptured styles or bright colours. The shaving of patterns into the hair is specifically forbidden. Long hair will need to be tied back in certain practical lessons and always in PE and games. Slides, clips, headscarves and headbands should be brown, black or grey.
Only one pair of stud earrings may be worn – one in each ear. No other visible piercings will be allowed. If any other piercings are carried out the jewellery inserted must in all cases be removed during the school day. Students should not wear make-up and/or nail varnish.

Uniform Supplier

The school uniform is available from one of two local specialist retailers, currently Frank Harrison (FHB) of Brighouse or Rawclifffe’s in Dewsbury.

Frank Harrison


Enforcement of uniform policy

Students who do not comply with the uniform policy/dress code may, at the discretion of the headteacher, be excluded from lessons or sent home to change.