Our catering team strives to support healthy lifestyles while aiming to make all dishes interesting and tasty, using a wide range of fresh ingredients.

Catering for up to 1,200 students and staff each day is a considerable task but one that is relished by our catering team at Heckmondwike Grammar School under the leadership of  Head Chef.

We believe in sourcing local produce and have daily deliveries of bread, meat, vegetables and fruit and aim to make interesting and tasty dishes from this wide range of fresh ingredients.

In particular we strive to support healthy lifestyles by:

  • Encouraging students to adopt a healthy and balanced diet
  • Providing a wide range of choice
  • Preparing dishes that are low in salt, sugar and fat
  • Baking or steaming instead of frying
  • Providing health information through curriculum activity

We took the decision to make a bold move to become a plastic free operation in the catering department as we wanted to better our recycling of single use plastics. We have had a bank of Hydration Stations fitted at the back of the dinning hall and are in the process of encouraging the students to bring there own refillable/reusable bottle to school to use at these free stations. Meal Deals no longer have a drink included  but drinks are still available to buy outside of the Meal Deal at a very reasonable price which we reduced so it would make it more affordable.

Meal Deals are priced at £2.45 and include all main meals and Grab & Go items, all home bakes, snack items (excludes all drinks and Muller Corners)

We feel that we offer good value for money and operate a cashless payment system for meals: parents are encouraged to top-up regularly using our on-line payments system, Parentpay.  Parents whose children may be eligible for free school meals should apply to their local council.  For those living in the Kirklees area, we receive regular eligibility up-dates for our pupils.

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We strive to cater for all dietary requirements and are of course are well informed and vigilant in the case of food allergies but parents with any concerns or questions are encouraged to contact our Head Chef Mr Cullen: