Key Stage 4

Why study Business? 

  • The world today is driven by businesses, we interact with them on a daily basis in various ways. Studying business studies gives you an insight into these businesses, the decisions they make and how you might be affected by those decisions.  Business studies is a constantly changing subject which uses real life examples to illustrate the concepts and understanding needed.


Outcomes in GCSE Business  at Heckmondwike Grammar School are outstanding.  The teaching team are all fully qualified Business and Economics teachers with a wealth of experience.

What will it be like?

  • At Key Stage 4 we introduce the various topics through case studies and real life business examples. We particularly look at starting a business and what it takes to be successful.  We encourage the students to read around the subject to see how the theory and practical sides of the subject work closely together.  Experiential learning is key to students understanding in this subject.  All students have experience of businesses and we encourage them to link their own knowledge and experience to the learning in lessons.


We follow the Edexcel GCSE Business syllabus.  Students will have 2 exams at the end of year 11.  Each exam is 1 hour and 30 mins and each is worth 50% of the total mark.  The exams will test both years of the course.

Key Stage 5

In Key Stage 5, there is no prior knowledge of Business needed.  We build on basic skills and understanding of businesses and how they operate.  Application of theory is widely used in the teaching and learning, in particular to large businesses.  Students will develop skills of knowledge, analysis and evaluation, they will then look at how these ideas may be different depending on the business context and situation that is being studied.  It is really important for students to read about real businesses and to use their own experiences to illustrate various theories.

Key Stage 5 Course Information –  Business