Key Stage 3

Drama lessons are mostly of a practical nature with all students encouraged to develop their creating, performance and evaluation skills. Topics include Improvisation, Page to Stage, Physical Skills, Issue-based Drama, Devising, Playwrights and an Introduction to Theatre Practitioners. Key Stage 3 Drama provides the foundation for further study and develops key skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, analysis and evaluation.

HGS Drama Department Booklet

Key Stage 4


GCSE Drama is a diverse and exciting course. It builds on the foundation provided at Key Stage 3 and is open to all students who have a genuine passion for drama. GCSE Drama will allow students to learn and develop a range of performance skills as used in the industry as well as exploring the roles of designers and directors. The course offers the opportunity to study and perform a range of classical and modern plays, in addition to creating an original piece of theatre. There will be a number of live theatre trips and students will participate in the process of planning, rehearsing, performing and evaluating their own work and that of others.

What will it be like?

In GCSE Drama students will be given the opportunity to improve existing skills and learn new ones; both subject specific and transferable. Students will be involved in a range of practical workshops to develop their knowledge of different practitioners, as well as learning about different performance styles, conventions and forms whilst devising. Students will develop the required skills through the experience of planning, preparing and being involved in performances either as an actor or designer as well as through the study of a range of performance texts. The course will develop a multitude of valuable transferable skills such as confidence, problem-solving, leadership, self-discipline and cognitive abilities.

During the course students will have several opportunities to perform including two key extracts of play texts as well as a devised piece; all presented to invited audiences.


Students are entered for GCSE with the EdExcel examination board. There are three components in total; Component 1: Devising (40%), Component 2: Performance from Text (20%) and Component 3: Theatre Makers in Practice (40%). The course is a combination of performance, coursework and written assessments, including a final examination at the end of Year 11.

Drama and Theatre

Key Stage 5

Edexcel A level Drama and Theatre leads on from the GCSE course following a similar structure but with a greater depth of study. During the course students explore, develop and refine their skills in devising and performing. Through in depth study of at least two influential theatre practitioners and set texts, students extend their knowledge and understanding, in addition to analysing and evaluating live theatre.

For further details about our A level Drama and Theatre course, please see the sixth form prospectus on the school website.

Key Stage 5 Course Information Р Drama