Key Stage 3

We aim to provide pupils with an exciting foundation in physics. In Year 7, pupils follow a combined science course; physics topics include Forces, Electricity and Space.

  • In Year 8 and then throughout the school, pupils are taught physics as a separate subject by specialist physics teachers. Topics in Year 8 include Magnetism, Light, Sound and Heat.
  • In Year 9, we start the GCSE Physics course (AQA Physics Specification 8463). All teaching is by subject specialists and all students are entered for the Higher Tier of this specification.

Key Stage 4

Physics is a compulsory core subject for all students at GCSE.

  • The course lays the foundation for further study in physics at A-level.
  • The specification we teach provides a wide-ranging, rigorous and challenging introduction to the subject. It is an
  • The skills developed by successful physics students are highly prized by prospective employers. A huge range of degree subjects and careers are open to people with physics qualifications.

Students will gain a secure understanding of the main themes of this subject, and will develop a wide range of mathematical, literacy and practical skills


Students are entered for GCSE with the AQA examinations board.

The GCSE course is assessed by two external written examinations at the end of the course. Each exam has equal weighting and is 1 hour and 4 minutes long. There is no coursework; experimental work is assessed in the written exams.

Key Stage 5

Physics is the best way, really the only way, we have of understanding the workings of nature. It examines the interaction of matter and energy, and has led to enormous and profound progress in our grasp of the scale and grandeur of the Universe. Physics deals with matter on scales ranging from sub-atomic particles (i.e. the particles that make up the atom and the particles that make up those particles) to stars and even entire galaxies. It explores the creation and ultimate fate of the cosmos, and reveals our place in the Universe.

  •  OCR Physics A

 We are proud of the A-level physics experience we offer at HGS. Our students go on to a breath-taking range of exciting degree courses and careers.

This course provides a modern and up-to-date treatment of the subject, with a wealth of excellent support materials provided on-line and by the department, including a digital textbook and much assessment and revision material. There is an emphasis on practical and experimental skills, and we provide a wide range of experimental work- a vital and distinctive feature of the subject. The rigorous and thorough specification and exam and experimental work together constitute a challenging blend of knowledge, understanding and skills in this subject, and will continue to prepare students well for further academic study.

Key Stage 5 Course Information – Physics