Religious Education

Key Stage 3

The curriculum in years 7-9 gives students a secure grounding in religious studies, as well as an introduction to several of the world’s major religions. Once students have gained a deep understanding of different religions, we begin to explore more topical issues which require students to question and challenge stereotypical or discriminatory views.

Key Stage 4

Why study Religious Studies

Religious Studies have an excellent record of outcomes at GCSE. As well as this, we cover religious topics with the key philosophical and ethical issues facing the local, national and international community. The specification allows beliefs, teachings and practices of two religions to be brought to life as well as exploring different viewpoints within religions.

What will it be like?

Our GCSE course follows the Edexcel B specification. Over the two year course, students will study:

  • Religion and Ethics (Christianity)
  • Religion, Peace and Conflict (Islam)


Students are entered for GCSE with the Edexcel B specification

You will sit two exams of 1 hour 45 minute duration. Each paper contributes 50% to your final GCSE grade.

Key Stage 5

This is a stimulating course that focuses on ethics and philosophy of religion, with a particular emphasis on Islam. Much of the first two papers focuses on arguments surrounding faith; while also stressing the philosophical and moral backdrop to these debates. The section on Islam examines this religion’s historical and social development, as well as its teachings and their influence on society.

Key Stage 5 Course Information – Religious Studies