Social Sciences


Key Stage 5 Sociology provides students with the opportunity to study society in a critical manner from a range of viewpoints. If you question why it is that we behave the way we do, then Sociology could be the course for you. Topic areas covered are the Family, Education, Beliefs and Crime and Deviance. In addition, students will study how sociology carries out research and students will be expected to carry out their own research to improve their understanding as to how we gather sociological data.

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Key Stage 5 Psychology is the scientific study of the human behaviour and the mind. Topics include Memory, Schizophrenia, Aggression and Attachment. It will challenge you to think about human behaviour and provide you with some research skills to study our behaviour in greater detail. If you have asked yourself what is the most important influence upon us – our genes or how we are raised? Then this might be the course for you.

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This fast moving subject offers a blend of current affairs and political theory that has shaped both the British and the US political system. It is about how we are governed, who has the power and how we can change those who govern us. There will be a focus on both traditional and newer ideologies such as Conservatism and Feminism and also on the nature of the British and US constitution and the elements that make up the branches of government such as Parliament and Presidency.

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