Destinations and Results


One of the marks of the success of any year group, and of a school more generally, is what its students go on to enjoy and achieve after graduation. As the lists of university destinations, courses and higher-level apprenticeships that follow show, the class of 2021 should take enormous pride in their achievements, both individually and collectively. The fact that their progress and achievements are so impressive, in spite of the significant disruption caused to their studies by Covid-19, is all the more remarkable. They will be remembered as another outstanding cohort in the long and proud history of Heckmondwike Grammar School.

Our students went on to study over 70 different degree courses this autumn – ranging from accounting to veterinary medicine, with courses in between made up of the familiar (history, chemistry, geography) and the new (meteorology and climate; biomedical engineering). Clearly, the class of 2021 are destined to go on and do amazing things in all major fields, from medicine and STEM to the creative arts and humanities.

And they will be doing them all over the world, at almost 50 different institutions in places as far-flung and exotic as North Carolina and as local and familiar as Leeds. Perhaps most remarkably, a record 75% of university applicants progressed to their first-choice university. Given the ambitions and talents of our students, this means that the Heckmondwike Grammar School class of 2021 are overrepresented compared with their peers nationally at the most prestigious universities. Six students have joined a host of past alumni and are now studying at Oxford or Cambridge universities, and a staggering 83 (over 45% of university destinations) are now at research-led Russell Group universities; both these figures are over 3 times the estimated English state-sector average, further reflecting the outstanding achievements of this year group. In addition, 26 students progressed to highly-competitive degrees in medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine.

Many of the class of 2021 also continued a long-term trend of students looking for alternatives to university. Although over 75% of the year group did start university in September 2021, or have secured deferred places for 2022 entry, others were successful in securing highly-selective apprenticeship placements at some of the most prestigious employers in the UK and on a global scale. Some of our students are now embarking on professional training with employers ranging including PWC, AstraZeneca and West Yorkshire police.

We are proud of all of our students, both of their contributions and achievements while part of our community, and what they will contribute and achieve in the wider world beyond Heckmondwike.

Click this link to view a full list of destinations for our Class of 21


Key Stage 5 Results

Congratulations to all our students on achieving outstanding A level results again this year.

As always the profile of our grades shows a very strong bias towards the upper range of grades. 84% of the A Level results were at grade C or better and 81% of these grades were either A*, A or B.

There were 336 A* and A grades altogether, including 66 students that achieved 3 or more grade A* or A passes.

These superb results reflect the hard work and dedication of our students and staff, and will enable the students to take their next steps with confidence. The outcomes in terms of students being placed at universities and high calibre apprenticeships of their choice are exceptionally good this year.

Headline HGS 2021 HGS 2020 HGS 2019
A*-B 68.3% 56.2% 55.1%
A*-C 83.9% 77.9% 78.3%
A*-E 99.2% 99.5% 96.2%
Average Grade (A-Level) B B B
Progress 0.17 0.12 -0.08
Attainment 40.3 37.1 35
English and Maths Progress N/A N/A N/A
Retention 94.9% 92.4% 95.3%

Further information can be found on the Department for Education’s ‘Compare School Performance’ website. Note that the data published by the Department for Education is from 2019, which is not current.