Student Support

The happiness and wellbeing of our students is vital to their success in sixth form. Our pastoral support system ensures that no student slips through the net and have access to any support they need to flourish.

Each student will be allocated to a form group at the start of Year 12. The Form Tutor leading each form is the first point of contact for the students when any advice
or guidance is needed. There is a tutor period each day which gives tutors time to really get to know the students in their form.

A non-teaching member of staff leads each year group and provides additional academic and pastoral support for students. This support can take many forms, from developing
time management and planning skills to referrals to other services such as the school nurse or school counsellor.

For Year 12, the Deputy Director of Sixth Form (Transition) ensures that all students settle well into their new environment, monitoring both pastoral and academic concerns as the year progresses.