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16 - 19 Bursary Information


The student bursary fund aims to help and support students enrolled in the school Sixth Form who face the greatest barriers to learning, and to ensure that students can fully participate in and benefit from the 16-19 curriculum provision.


If you fall into one of the priority categories listed below, you may be able to benefit from the bursary scheme.

Category A

Category B

Category C

Students  in one of the following groups:

• In care.

• Care leavers.

• In receipt of Income Support or Universal Credit.

• Disabled students in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (or Personal Independence Payments) AND Employment support allowance.

These students would receive a guaranteed bursary of £1200. This would be allocated in two parts:

1. Payment ‘in kind’ to cover the cost of travel, food and course requirements.

2. Weekly payment which will be subject to attendance criteria and a learning agreement.


Students living in a household where the gross annual income is £16190 or less.

Such students are entitled to apply for Free School Meals:

Students living in Kirklees apply online at

Students living outside Kirklees should contact the school Business Office for further details and an application form.

Students will be allocated regular payments for specific educational purposes.

Payment will be made every 4 weeks and be subject to attendance criteria and a learning agreement.

Amount paid will be dependent on student numbers in this category and funds available.


Students who do not qualify in categories A or B but face extreme financial barriers which requires support.

Students can apply for funds to meet a short term or specific educational need.

This will be subject to funds being available and the number of applications received.


1 - Application Process

If you feel that you are eligible for funding from any of the above categories, please complete an application form available via the website or collect an application pack from the Sixth Form Office.

Next Steps

• Bring the completed application form to Mrs Minto, together with supporting evidence, which must be the original documents.  Once your application has been processed the original documents will be returned to you.  Decisions regarding the allocation of funds will be made in writing, together with a pay plan and signed learning agreement.

• Closing date for applications for categories A & B is Friday 22nd September.  Applications for category C can be made at any time. 

• However, if there is a sudden change in your financial circumstances, and you require immediate assistance, an application form can be submitted at any time.

Please find below the dates when Bursary payments will be made to students aged 16 to 19:-

• 20 October 2017 ( this will include September payment)
• 24 November 2017
• 15 December 2017
• 26 January 2018
• 16 February 2018
• 30 March 2018
• 27 April 2018
• 25 May 2018
• 29 June 2018
• 20 July 2018

Bursary Application Form

2 - Transport

You are entitled to reduced bus and rail fares in West Yorkshire while you are in full-time education in the Sixth Form. 

Metro ‘16-18 Photo-Card’ half-fare bus and rail travel. Available to all 16-18 year olds, resident in West Yorkshire. Apply online to:

3 - University interviews

Students called for University interviews can claim up to a maximum of £30. The letter inviting you to interview together with travel receipts should be submitted to Mrs Naylor.