Year 11 & Year 13 Final Assessments

As you will now be aware, Year 11 and 13 students will undertake some final assessments after Easter. These assessments will be used, along with a wide range of supporting evidence to help teachers issue a grade for each student. All assessments will be conducted under exam conditions and will be held in the Sports Hall (with a few exceptions). These assessments will begin on Monday 26 April and continue to Wednesday 19 May. However, all written assessments, i.e. those in the hall to be completed by 11 May with the remaining time used for practical assessments in subjects such as Food Technology and Drama.

The assessments will be synoptic, which means that students may be assessed on all of their course content. However, we recognise that this may be a large undertaking so we have put together some revision guides indicating the topics that are more likely to appear in the assessments so students can focus their revision and study over the coming weeks.

Year 11 & Year 13 Final Assessments  – FAQs

Year 11

Information & Assessment Timetable 

GCSE Revision Topics

Year 13 

Information & Assessment Timetable 

A-Level Revision Topics