Operational Staff

A list of all of the staff who keep the school running along with a list of their roles.

Name Job title(s)
Mr Daniel Peacock Data Analyst
Mrs Caroline Auld Data & Exams Manager
Mr Edward Brady Network Manager
Mrs Louise Daddy HR Director
Mrs Claire Thresh Administration Officer - Payroll & Finance
Mrs Dawn Jepson-North Administration Officer - HR
Mrs Sharon Jones First Aider/Cleaner/Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr Joshua Ackroyd Cleaner
Mrs Susan Barker Cleaner
Mrs Julie Blackburn Cleaner
Mrs Amanda Bradshaw Cleaner
Mrs Christine Carroll Cleaner
Mrs Karen Cousins Cleaner
Mr Harry Duggan Cleaner
Mrs Ann Hall Cleaner
Mrs Karen Pearson Cleaner
Ms Melanie Rourke Cleaner
Mrs Lynn Saville Cleaner
Mrs Lorraine Ship Cleaner
Mr Joe Speight Cleaner
Miss Laura Taylor Cleaner
Miss Katie Wilby Cleaner
Mrs Donna Matthews Sixth Form Catering Supervisor
Miss Julie Kilner Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Alison Hallas Kitchen Assistant
Miss Michelle Ineson Kitchen Assistant
Miss Teresa Carroll Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Lesley Heywood Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Joanne Wolfenden Kitchen Assistant
Miss Natasha Hamilton Kitchen Assistant
Miss Holly Wilkinson Sixth Form Study Facilitator
Mrs Sarah Cunliffe Kitchen Assistant
Miss Erica Reisis Kitchen Assistant
Miss Vicky  Smith Kitchen Assistant
Miss Akeela Ashaq Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Sharon Exley Lunchtime Supervisor / Cleaner
Mrs Margaret Hill Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Alison Hallas Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Melanie Rourke Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Vicky Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Lorriane Ship Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Catherine Power DT Technician
Mrs Donna  Ellis Assistant Finance Director
Mrs Rita Firth Library and Resource Centre Assistant
Mrs Alison Grist Cleaner
Mrs Anita Wood Finance Officer
Mr Saul Parsons ICT Technician
Mr Robert Moody Science Technician Manager
Mrs Jenny Quin Careers and Work Related Learning Advisor
Mrs Natalie James Finance Director
Mrs Julie Chandler Administration Officer - Finance
Mrs Jody Dunn Office Manager & PA to Headteacher & SLT
Mrs Lisa Smith Administration Officer - School Office
Mrs Sheila Foster Assistant Administration Officer - School Office
Mrs Julie Marsden-Mosley Administration Officer - Info & Exams
Mrs Claire Lawler Careers and Higher Education Adviser
Mr Mark Robinson Senior ICT Technician
Mrs Janet Houseman Science Technician
Mrs Angie Wood Science Technician
Miss Susan Sill Food Technician
Mrs Jane Whitelaw Librarian/EPQ Co-ordinator
Mrs Louise  Melling Senior Curriculum Supervisor
Mrs Seana  Wright Curriculum Supervisor
Mr James Rourke Curriculum Supervisor
Mrs Diana Denville Reprographics Assistant
Miss Elaine Bennett Site Manager
Mr Ian Firth Site Maintenance Assistant
Mr Alan Myers Site Maintenance Assistant
Mrs Amanda Waterhouse Chef
Mrs Helen Westmoreland Chef
Mrs Beverley Sheard Sixth Form Facilitator
Mrs Sharon Nicholson Attendance and Health Officer/Lead Lunchtime Supervisor