Resit Examinations

This service is only available to former HGS students who sat exams in the June 2023 Exams Series

Please see Examination Deadline Dates for Exam Board entry deadlines and HGS deadlines for entry and payments.  For Exam Board entry fees, please refer to the awarding bodies websites.

Summer 2024 Examination Timetable

Below are the Resit Terms & Conditions of Entry for Summer 2024

In addition to the awarding body exam entry fees, the centre charges a non-refundable administration fee of £75.00 for students who are currently on roll at HGS or £115.00 for providing a private candidate service. (Students who are no longer on roll with HGS.)

You are responsible for ensuring the exams office receives all your entry/entries information on time.

Should your exam entry/entries and use of the centre’s exam accommodation incur additional or other fees, including extra invigilation costs, these will be charged at a later date once the examination timetable is finalised; these additional fees, where incurred, must be paid at least one week before the examination is due to take place.

The centre reserves the right to withdraw your entry/entries if any amount remains outstanding.

The centre cannot accept responsibility for any amendment fees that become due if you fail to give sufficient notice to make any necessary changes to your entry information.

Should you decide to withdraw your entry/entries then you will only be entitled to any refund amount that is issued by the awarding body concerned. Refunds will only be made by awarding bodies for a limited time after the entry deadline has passed and this varies dependent on the awarding body.

In the unlikely event of exam cancellation, Heckmondwike Grammar School will be unable to provide a centre/teacher assessed grade and you will only be entitled to any refund amount that is issued by the awarding body concerned.

Acceptance of Application for Private Candidates

Acceptance of an application received by the Centre from a former student will be based on a range of factors, e.g. attendance and conduct. Applicants will be notified of the decision.

Entry to all resit examinations is at the discretion of the Centre. Please refer to our Resit Examination Policy for Private Candidates

It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure you have the latest exam information.

HGS is unable to provide any educational tuition in preparation for resits for external candidates.

To make a resit exam entry for the Summer 2024Series, please complete the Application Form.