House Music Competition – Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th July

We have great pleasure in announcing this year’s house music competition. Everyone should consider entering in some capacity and we hope it will be a real showcase of the different musical talents we have in our school.

There are competition classes for various year groups and for soloists, ensembles, instrumentalists and vocalists. All abilities and all styles of music are welcome. We hope it will be a very musical competition that will give our judges some difficult decisions on the day.

We would also encourage students to enter our new Musical Theatre class.

This is open to all year groups to perform a piece from a piece from a musical, which may include costumes, props or dancing. Really consider the character, story and scene from the musical in your performance. You will be judged on how you have interpreted the music for this stage performance.

Any questions please speak to Mr Cole, Mrs Connell or your form tutor.

Entry forms are available to download below. Final Entries by Tuesday 3rd July, 3.35pm. It is very unlikely any late entries will be accepted.

General Rules & Regulations

  • Entries are open to all students of the school in years 7 to 12
  • Every entry obtains 1 point towards each house total.
  • Further points are gained for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places (5, 3 and 1 respectively)
  • Any student can enter into any age appropriate category, however, only ONE entry per category, per student is allowed.
  • Any group ensemble item can only be made up from pupils in the same house. No mixed house entries of any sort will be allowed.
  • If you require a piano accompaniment you must bring your piano music to Mr Cole before Tuesday 3rd July (preferably earlier if possible).
  • If you require a ‘karaoke’ type backing track, please email Mr Cole with the full details of the song required (name of song, artist/band, album or show it is from, web link etc..) NOTE: except for the musical theatre class, no backing tracks with original singing on will be allowed.
  • It is very unlikely any late entries will be accepted.
    The decision of our judges will be final.