London Bound for the Winners of the Bank of England Technology Competition

The Bank of England holds an annual competition in November within their technology sector, the entry is a 1000-word report. This year the theme of the competition was cyber security. Michael, Jamie, Kuba, Matthew, Basim and I decided to base our entry on how to distinguish between fraudulent data and real data using machine learning.  Our team was decided on a Friday and the deadline was the following Monday, so over a frantic weekend, we finished the report.

Recently, we were informed that we won the competition, to the complete shock of us all. The prize will be a 4-week paid internship at the bank’s headquarters in London. Also, there will be an award ceremony during the Easter holidays that we’ll be attending. None of us has realised the impact of it until the abundance of security clearances overwhelmed us. We’re all thankful for the continued support from the school and especially Mr Stone. Exciting times ahead!

By Basma Khan