Covid 19 – School Updates and Information

28 February 2022

Following the changes made by the Government which came into force last week as well as updates to the guidance issued to schools by the Department for Education (DfE).
  1. Wearing a face-covering in school is now voluntary in all settings.
  2. If your child shows symptoms of Covid, you should arrange to get a PCR test. We recommend that your child stays at home until the result is known.
  3. The legal requirement to isolate if your child tests positive for Covid has been removed. However, Government guidance still recommends that if a student tests positive they should remain at home for 10 days, unless you get two negative LFD tests taken 24 hours apart. You can start this testing process from day 5. For information, day zero is the date of your positive test or when symptoms first appear. Students who have Covid will be able to join live lessons if they are well enough to do so. Please continue to report positive results to school using the link on the school’s web site.
  4. The requirement to undertake twice weekly testing for asymptomatic cases or for daily testing if you are identified as a close contact has also been removed. You should, however, continue to use an LFD test from day 5 of any Covid infection to achieve 2 negative results so your child can return to school. If you need more tests, please ask your child to collect a box of tests from Student Services.
Covid is still with us, and we want to reduce transmission to minimise risks to those who may be vulnerable. For this reason, routine hygiene measures are unchanged – ventilation, sanitising and hand washing are still recommended.
During the winter months and to enable students to learn in more comfortable conditions, we allowed students to wear coats in lessons. We have now taken the decision that coats are now to be removed in lessons. If a student wishes to keep their coat on, they should ask permission from their teacher.
As a result of these changes, the school’s Covid risk assessment will be updated accordingly.

19 January 2022


Changes to self-isolation guidance

On Monday 17 January the guidance for self-isolation changed. This will mean that you can end self-isolation after 5 full days, provided you have two negative LFD tests taken 24 hours apart on day 5 and 6 of your isolation and you do not have a temperature.
  • Day zero is either the date of your positive test result or when symptoms first appeared.
  • Your day 5 and 6 LFD tests should be taken 24 hours apart. In practice, this means that if you take a test early on day 5 and then again on day 6 you can end your isolation after your second negative test.
  • If your day 5 test is positive, you can keep testing each day until you get a negative result. This means that if, for example, you test positive on day 6 but then negative on day 7 and 8 you can leave isolation on day 8.
  • Your isolation will end on day 10.
Please note that if you have a high temperature you should continue to isolate.
If you end isolation early and feel well enough to return to work or school, please ensure you continue to social distance and wear a face covering.
The guidance from is below:

From Monday 17 January, people who are self-isolating with COVID-19 will have the option to reduce their isolation period after 5 full days if they test negative with a lateral flow device (LFD) test on both day 5 and day 6 and they do not have a temperature. For example, if they test negative on the morning of day 5 and the morning of day 6, they can return to their education or childcare setting immediately on day 6.

The first test must be taken no earlier than day 5 of the self-isolation period, and the second must be taken the following day. All test results should be reported to NHS Test and Trace.

If the result of either of their tests is positive, they should continue to self-isolate until they get negative results from two LFD tests on consecutive days or until they have completed 10 full days of self-isolation, whichever is earliest.

The guidance is best illustrated as follows:

28 July 2021

Parents should report a positive test result to NHS Test and Trace by calling 119 and follow advice given. There is currently no need to inform school.

Please note that students and staff who test positive should not come into school during their period of isolation.

14 May 2021

You will be aware that the government have announced it will no longer be necessary for students and staff to wear a face covering in most situations in schools from Monday 17 May. This announcement comes in the context of falling numbers of infections on a national scale, largely due to the vaccination program. However, whilst infection numbers across much of the UK have significantly decreased, in many areas of the West Yorkshire conurbation, numbers are still quite high and this is exemplified in Kirklees, which has approximately 4 times the national average of infections and so ranks 6th of all UK regions. Indeed, in the last few weeks we have seen infections in school, mirroring the picture in the local area.

Having taken advice from a range of national and local organisations and policy makers, school has taken the decision to continue to wear face coverings. We will continue with our existing protocols and procedures initially up to the half-term holiday, when we will review the situation and communicate with you again in readiness for the return to school on 7 June. This decision has been taken to protect students and staff and also minimise the risk of infections being taken back in to households.

17 March 2021

Home Testing Letter & Information 

Report a Lateral Flow Test Result Report a positive COVID-19 Test Result

5 March 2021

Covid Testing Consent form

25 February 2021

We are  delighted to be able to inform you that following this week’s Government announcement school will be reopening to all year groups from Monday 8 March. In line with the guidance issued, students will be taking three lateral flow device (LFD) Covid tests to ensure the safety of our staff and students. In addition, all staff will be offered testing in school before being issued with their home test kits for twice weekly testing. We will be writing to you next week with detailed information for your child regarding start dates and times, entry and muster points, but in the meantime we would like to outline some key dates.

Students will be invited to attend testing at school by year group on the following days:

  • Monday 8 March – Year 11
  • Tuesday 9 March – Year 8 and Year 13
  • Wednesday 10 March – Year 10 and Year 9
  • Thursday 11 March – Year 7 and Year 12

Students will be able to attend lessons and stay in school once they have a confirmed negative test result. Further details can be found in the letter issued to parents.

22 February 2021

Following the government announcement, we are in the process of finalising our plans to welcome our students back w/c 8 March. More information to follow.

January 2021

In line with government guidelines, Heckmondwike Grammar School is closed until further notice.

Our commitment is to try and provide a full curriculum for all our students and access to as much specialised teaching as possible through the use of Microsoft Teams. Unless ill, students should follow their normal timetable. This will include a form period at the start of each day for years 7-11 and weekly tutor periods for Y12 and 13.

We are running school with a skeleton staff to look after the small number of students we have in the building and also keep the business operation of the school working. Reception will be open from 8am to 3.30pm should you need to telephone school. You can also email or your child’s Head of Year/Teacher directly with any queries.

Student Guidelines – Remote Learning 

All letters issued to parents with regards to the process and procedures surrounding COVID 19 can be found in the letters section of our website.

For Critical Worker students, school will be open from Tuesday 5 January. Students in school will access the remote teaching, following their
normal timetable, based in an ICT room. Please note, there will be no catering available for these students, so they will need to bring their own packed lunch please. If you believe your child qualifies as a Critical Worker student and wish for them to come in to school, if you haven’t already done so, please complete this form.

September 2020

We are all aware of the problems posed by the outbreak of Coronavirus, Covid-19. At Heckmondwike Grammar School we are taking the issues very seriously in terms of minimising the risk of passing on any type of virus, by encouraging the highest standards of personal hygiene.

Report a positive COVID-19 Test Result

Please do not send your child to school if they or anyone else in the household are displaying symptoms of Covid-19.

Further Information 

As a school we continue to follow the guidance issued by The Department for Education. The full guidance can be found here

COVID 19- Risk Assessment

Providing remote education information for parents 

How to access assignments and submit work on Microsoft Teams using your phone

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Public Health England – Stay at home guidance

Public Health England has produced a letter for parents and guardians: When you should book a coronavirus test for your child

Department for Education coronavirus helpline

The Department for Education coronavirus helpline is available to answer questions about COVID-19 relating to education and children’s social care. Staff, parents and young people can contact this helpline as follows:

Phone: 0800 046 8687
Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)

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